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We are Forth K, a Toronto based creative experience and SMB business development company.

About us.

Led by our founder Kwesi Thomas, we build on his experience as both a corporate executive in some of Canada’s top companies and passion for creating experiences.  This combination provides a unique, stakeholder perspective focused on the needs and challenges of our clients.  Kwesi has lead global teams at BlackBerry, Manulife, Shopify.  He has also led operations for some of North America’s largest festivals and events.

Our goal is to help you grow.  This simple mandate is singularly focused on supporting you to achieve the next stage of your journey.  Reaching your clients through experiences is more than just being there, it requires planning, focus, and execution.  We plan our experiences from the first contact, we are focused on the desired result of that experience, we execute with excellence.

Our Philosophy

Our products and services simply provide the quality of being clear and easy to understand.

Conferences, Trade Shows, Galas, Festivals, Brand Functions, Employee Engagement.  We plan and execute all aspects of events focused on your brand.  We provide as much or as little support as you need.  We assist from the creative conceptualization of your experience to tear down and post event wrap up.  Talk to us about the support you need.

For many business creating ROI on experiences is difficult to articulate, approve and execute.  We assist with creating short and long term business cases for your brand’s experiences and growth.

One of the most effective ROI for experience spend is create high-quality content from those experiences.  We create branded content from live experiences.  We have a team of world-class shooters, directors, editors.  Brand videos, digital marketing, employee videos and more.

One of the most overlooked areas of experiences are the people bringing your plans to life.  Our Staff Expansion Pack, typically called Brand Ambassadors, is a selective group of individuals who expand your reach.  Talk to us about your staffing needs.

For many experiences, the minutia of the many moving parts is a challenge.  We love the details, rentals, planning, pickup, dropoffs, technical specs.  We can assist or take on the logistics of your experience.  Our network of supply partners also provides preferential rates to our clients.

The regulations, cost, and equipment needed to serve alcohol are not easy to navigate.  We provide beverage services for private events and large festivals.  Our experienced group of Managers and Servers take a care of it all.  We know this is a niche service, but we also know those who need it love it.

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